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Martial Arts Gear

Aikido Dummie

Aikido Body Dummie

Designed for mostly upper body drills and throws. The long torso with no legs allows fast and easy repetitive throws over the chest and over the back. This dummy is designed with anatomical dimensions and flexibility in order to perform the highest quality techniques and drills. Made of imitation leather, rubber shred and emery. This dummy allows to train throwing/pull up in a more realistic way. With stump and two arms to practice grips and overhead throws as well as for the exercise of throwing and turning movements, clamping methods and boxing blows.

  Made of top grade Genuine Leather  
Dm-01-Xs W: 30-35Lbs | H: 52 Inches X-Small
Dm-01-S W: 50-55Lbs | H: 58 Inches Small
Dm-01-M W: 60-65Lbs | H: 63 Inches Medium
Dm-01-L W: 78-85Lbs | H: 68 Inches Large
  Made of Artificial Leather with extra Strong Lining  
Dm-02-Xs W: 30-35Lbs | H: 52 Inches X-Small
Dm-02-S W: 50-55Lbs | H: 58 Inches Small
Dm-02-M W: 60-75Lbs | H: 63 Inches Medium
Dm-02-L W: 78-95Lbs | H: 68 Inches Large


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