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AGASI Martial Arts

Welcome to the Agasi Martial Arts, a well-recognized name in the line of Martial Arts Products. Agasi Martial Arts, a member of Agasi Group of Industries (Pvt) Ltd., started the journey of Martial Arts Business in 1986 and it is owned by highly educated and experienced sports enthusiasts in the Sports Goods manufacturing industries. The company has been developing and producing various high performance equipment, sportswear, martial arts uniforms and protective gears. The company has three manufacturing units in Malaysia, China and Pakistan with highly professional and skilled staffs.

The company manufactures and supplies only the best quality Martial Arts Products under AGASI Brand for complete range of Martial Arts products worldwide. We serve the market by the strength of our products. We produce better quality products and we improve our brand through continuous Research & Development by highly educated Coaches & Players.

Our clients and customers are our best testimonies. They have been very loyal to the AGASI brand because the quality fulfils their expectations. They are among the highest level athletes, well-known coaches, national and international prominent sports organizations. Being knowledgeable and the most influential customers, their inputs facilitate our products development to reach athletes’ full potential and the coaches to achieve their goals.

AGASI is unique as a manufacturer for Martial Arts products. The company provides a spectrum of merchandise from student-level to high-end equipment and clothing specifically designed for Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Silat, Boxing practitioners, designed for Martial Artists by Martial Artists. In addition to utilizing real life data for our products, we work closely with high level grand masters, instructors, international and national level players and sports scientists to design the perfect blend of comfort, fit, breathability and durability. We produce our products according to standards of international sports organisations. We are manufacturing complete range of Martial Arts equipment to meet your needs.
We welcome all Martial Arts Instructors and players to collaborate with our R&D (research & development) and manufacturing department for new and latest products according to their idea and specification to fulfil their athletic needs. Our R&D department is a team of highly skilled and well trained professionals who are always willing to experiment with new ideas, colours, designs and innovations using highly sophisticated materials and production techniques. Our Motto is to use all the best possible resources to ensure our products is able to prevail among highly competitive prices and attractive products for international markets.
We are devoted and committed to provide superior services and a range of quality products. We have produced a variety of designs and styles for each product as per specification of our respected customers around the globe.

We use A grade materials/fabrics for the production of each product and we do not compromise with the quality of our products when you collaborate with us. Our products are fully guaranteed against any kind of manufacturing defects. Our weaving, bleaching, dyeing, pattern, cutting, moulding, stitching, printing and embroidery facility is one of the best facilities in the country in order to achieve the best quality results. We always use fine quality raw materials, processed by AZO-free chemicals made by trusted and certified multi-national companies. We use our best workmanship in our factories to get the highest quality finished products.

We are very specialized in Judo Competition uniforms, white, blue and blue & white reversible Judo uniforms and Karate competition uniforms in canvas cloth. For best quality fabric, we use VAT & REACTIVE dyes for our dyed garments to get 100% guaranteed not to bleed at 60 degree centigrade. Our heavy weight JUDO & KARATE uniforms are used in practice matches and international matches. We maintain international federation's standard for our competition uniforms.
We always use "A" grade cowhide and goat leather for our fine quality leather articles, and we use best quality latex, neoprene and foam padding and special gel to feel comfortable inside the gloves during practice and international matches.

We have full confident of the quality of our products. Our production process is fully supervised and inspected by experienced supervisors at all stages of production which enables us to produce finest quality according to the international standards.

We believe that outstanding quality and style is a necessity for the Martial Arts (Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Silat, Boxing, MMA etc.) fighters and enthusiasts!
At Agasi, we strive for innovation and pride ourselves in creating products that outperform the market and serve you the best. We design and manufacture everything needed to train and live the MMA lifestyle indefinitely.

In order to stay ahead in the ever changing world of Martial Arts and fitness world, it is imperative to be innovative. We are surviving for the same. Moreover, quality, standard and diversity are the three most significant attributes.
Our reputation is built on quality, reliability, honesty and our best services. Many of our existing customers have been with us since the very beginning.

Agasi is about fight science.

Agasi products are developed to improve your performance so you can train harder and fight more effectively. Extensive research goes into the design of each product to maximize its comfort and effectiveness.

Agasi is about good design.

Agasi has gone to great lengths to develop equipment that looks good and functional beyond the expected application. We have collaborated with industry professionals and industrial designers to bring you great gear with exceptional value. The Agasi Design team is comprised of individuals with a strong background in combat sports and ergonomic design.


All Agasi products are tested thoroughly by both amateur and professional fighters and trainers. Nothing is produced by Agasi that has not been used at the gym, in the ring, on the mat or in the cage. Through our network of Agasi R&D professionals, we ensure that our gear is the best on the market.

Agasi is about performance.

Only the best materials are chosen to satisfy Agasi's stringent standards in the following areas:


Quite simply, if your gear allows more effective air flow, you will stay cooler and perform better.

Shock Absorption:

It's about safety for athletes and their coaches. Agasi uses the best impact-absorbing raw materials, allowing coaches to push their athletes to train harder and hit harder-all while keeping athlete and coach cushioned from the blows.


Agasi Brand is made for its enduring and lasting quality.


Agasi is NOT like those fancy new shoes that look great but hurt your feet! From the moment you try on the gear, you will feel the difference. Comfort = Performance.
To summarize, premium raw materials melded with science and art make our products shine above all others.

Agasi's mission

To be Leading in Martial Arts & Boxing by Creating excellent products that provide value to people’s lives.


Quality, Pushing Boundaries, Ultimate Performance.


Stimulate people to have sportive lifestyle (Active Exercise) and provide them with premium materials.

What are Agasi's plans for the future?

Agasi plans to continuously expanding, but the company will only grow as fast as we want when we have the best candidate. YOU will be able to render your professional judgement in improving existing products or even creating new products for the organization. Agasi's growth depends on finding the right individuals who want to raise the level of health and personal success in their communities around the world. We are actively searching for the right partners to help us grow in every corner of the world.
BE PART OF our invigorating team and join the Agasi family. Agasi is a family-pattern enterprise and everyone is welcome to join. Enjoy your sport and become an integral part of our family.
Experience with our equipment and feel the high quality.

A fastest Growing Brand in the Martial Arts World

The wide range of product line, top quality, according to International standards, made by Martial Artist for Martial Artist, reasonable prices, and excellent customer services have made us Fastest Growing and reliable Brand.
Please feel free to contact us, any inquiries about our current product line or have a new idea for new product that you would like to develop. Given the opportunity, we will do our level best to serve all martial artists and boxing enthusiasts the best way we can.

We look forward to working with you!

Thank you very much for staying with us at our website.
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