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Keeping in mind all aspects of the akido, and particularly the nature of training sessions, which involve repetitive throws, falls and moving around on the knees, AGASI wish to provide you with high quality training uniforms and gear let you feel comfort and enjoyment during training or competition . It is our pleasure to offer you equipment that is deigned and created according to the best standards, as well as the result of many years of studies devoted to improvements and perfecting the materials and technology such that it will meet even the strongest requirements.At AGASI we are totally confident that you will appreciate the quality of our training uniforms and gear and you will find something suitable to meet your needs

Aikido Uniforms Aikido Pants Aikido Hakama

Aikido Uniforms

Aikido Pants

Aikido Hakama

Aikido Belts Aikido Dummy Aikido Wears
Aikido Belts Aikido Dummy

Aikido T-Shirts

Aikido Weapons Aikido Bag
Aikido Weapons Aikido Bag
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